The magnetic nanoparticle is a multifunctional microsphere which having fluorescent, magnetic and drug transporting characters.PAMAM carrying drug can reach the specified position by applying a magnetic field to achieve targeted drug delivery, and tracking by its fluorescence; the PAMAM surface  can be grafted to a wide variety of functional groups and can be applied to the different fields, now it has been widely used, such as magnetic resonance imaging, drug delivery, magnetic switch, biotechnology, biomedical and magnetic hyperthermia. Weihai CY Dendrimer Technology Co. Ltd forwards from “Fabrication and Functionalization of Dendritic Poly(amidoamine)- Immobilized Magnetic Polymer Composite Microsphere”, Hongbo Liu,Jia Guo,Lan Jin, Wuli Yang, and ChangchunWang  FudanUniVersity.