G0 generation PAMAM can react with diisocyanate to make polyurea micro-spherical shell, and the linseed oil coated by polyurea microspheres   through emulsification compounds with polyurethane substrate to get coating with self-healing properties. Such coatings can improve its thermal stability up to

380 °C. Polyurea microspheres with a large number of amino group can improve its adhesion performance with polyurethane coating or substrate. The polyurea microspheres based on PAMAM embedded in the polyurethane coatings to coat on the surface of the steel material, its antiseptic properties will be improved with the content increase of polyurea microspheres in the polyurethane coatings, the general content is between 2-5%. When the content is 5%, it shows the best corrosion resistance, even rupturing 120h will still have a good self-healing properties. Weihai CY Dendrimer Technology Co., Ltd forwards from“Novel Polyurea Microcapsules Using Dendritic the Functional Monomer: Synthesis, characterization, and its use in self-healing and anticorrosive Polyurethane Coatings “. Pyus D. Tatiya, Rahul K Hedaoo Pramod P. Mahulikar, and Vikas V. Gite Department of Polymer Chemistry, School of Chemical Sciences, North Maharashtra University, Jalgaon, Maharashtra, India-425 001