Hyperbranched polyester can better improve PVC mechanical and rheological properties, when 10 units of H40 is added into 100 units PVC, PVC ‘s tensile strength and elongation at break can achieve maximum 39.58MPa and 30.25%. When 8 units of H20 is added into 100 units of PVC, the impact strength of the system can reach max 20.53kJ/m. In addition, PVC with hyperbranched polyester can greatly reduce the viscosity of the PVC, and with the amount increase of hyperbranched polyester, viscosity of the PVC is further decreased, and its rheological behavior turns into Newtonian fluid which is good for PVC processing. Weihai CY Dendrimer Technology Co., Ltd forwards from”New kind of hyperbranched polyester’s impact on PVC mechanical and rheological properties” Jianguo Wang, Changming Wang , Yan Li, Tongji University Materials Science and Engineering, Shanghai 200092 plastic 2006, Volume 35, No. 6