PAMAM can be used as modified additives for urea-formaldehyde resin adhesive, due to its special structure, a large number of end groups, as well as the nature of the end groups can greatly improve its urea-formaldehyde resin adhesive agent properties. PAMAM-NH2,-OH,-NH3Cl can well improve the performance of urea-formaldehyde adhesive, in particular the quaternary amine-modified PAMAM has more superior performance, compared with conventional curing agent of ammonium chloride, its shear strength increased by 64%. (1) PAMAM contains a large number of surface groups, easily array in the gas-liquid interface, urea-formaldehyde resin surface tension can be reduced , contact angle decreased, increasing the wettability of the wood material surface to provide adhesion. (2) PAMAM contains a large number of active groups to improve reactivity of the system. And form a chemical bridge between the adhesive and the base material to improve adhesion. (3) reducing the viscosity of the system to make it more uniform and efficient combination with wood. (4) dendrimer is more environmentally friendly as it can capture urea formaldehyde adhesives. Weihai CY Dendrimer Technology Co.,Ltd forwards from“Poly(amidoamine) Dendritic Structures, Bearing Different End Groups, as Adhesion Promoters for Urea–Formaldehyde Wood Adhesive System”Hisham A. Essawy, Heba A. Mohamed  Department of Polymers and Pigments, National Research Center, Dokki 12311, Egypt  Journal of Applied Polymer Science, Vol. 119, 760–767 (2011)