Hyperbranched polyester due to its special structure and excellent performance has been widely used in various fields. (1) Application of the polymer blend. Because of the special properties of hyperbranched polyester, it can be used as the plasticizer, crosslinking agent, dyeing auxiliaries, dispersing agent and rheology modifier in the polymer blend; hyperbranched polyester molecules melts with nylon 6 in polycondensation reaction and the obtained polymer which is used as a resin modifier, when content is 7%, the impact strength increased from 8.4kJ/m2 to 20.4kJ/m2 (2) the application of nanomaterials. Using hydroxyl and carboxyl end group as a stabilizer of HBPE, supplemented phosphorus surfactant fatty alcohol ether phosphate (MOA a 3pk), after UV reduction of silver nitrate was prepared HBPE coated silver nanoparticles. Comparative experiments found without HBPE or MOA 3pk can not prepare a highly dispersed silver nanoparticles,indicating that combination of HPBE and MOA-3pk plays a key stabilizing role in light reduction reaction during the growth of silver nanoparticles.(3)the application in medicine. Hyperbranched polymer can be used as high activity induction solvent.(4)coatings application. Research on HBPE diglycidyl ether of bisphenol A epoxy resin system thermal and mechanical properties, confirmed that adding 10% (mass fraction) of HBPE can make the resin toughness increased by 224%. Weihai CY Dendrimer Technology Co. Ltd forwards from “Research status of hyperbranched polyester”.Wenqing Xiao, Wanli Cheng,Jianqing Hu,¬† Weiping Tu,South China University, Materials Science April 2008 Volume 22, No. 4 62-64