Adding <0.5wt% of the hyperbranched polymer can reduce spinning temperature of nylon 6 by

20 ℃, lower spinning temperature can greatly reduce the high temperature thermal degradation of nylon 6, to improve product performance. Specification (1) adding hyperbranched polymer can reduce the melt viscosity of nylon 6, to improve the melt processability; (2) hyperbranched polyester can be uniformly dispersed in the matrix of the PET , the size is between tens to hundreds of nanometers; (3) mechanical properties of PET plastic spline does not affect by adding hyperbranched polymer. Weihai CY Dendrimer Technology Co. Ltd forwards from “Effective application of Hyperbranched polyester in the processing of nylon 6 and the PET” , Zhan Shan ,Dong Hua University, master’s degree thesis in 2007