Dendrimer-coated metallic catalyst has the following advantages: ① using pure metal particles as catalyst, the mutual attraction between the particles make catalyst agglomeration and the catalyst activity decreased, while after coated by dendrimer, it can prevent agglomeration, improve the catalytic ability; ②interior nano cavity environment of dendrimer has a strong selective catalytic function ; ③dissolve in environment-friendly water, supercritical CO2 , organic solvents and volatile Freon etc. when in the reaction with the characteristics of homogeneous catalysis; ④ as it is such a nano-size molecules, can be separated by a simple separation techniques (such as nanofiltration or dialysis) from the homogeneous reaction mixture. Weihai CY Dendrimer Technology Co. Ltd forwards from “The progress of dendrimer metallic catalysts”, Wang Zongting, Dong Guoru, Cheng Dongling, Li Hao, Zhang Qingyun (China Petroleum University, College of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, Qingdao 266555) Vol.39 No. 5 May 2010 Applied Chemical Industry.