Dendritic polymers can greatly improve PP/ PVC performance.

(1) the dosage of PP-HBP is 5 units, PP / PVC / PP-H BP blending system tensile strength and impact strength reaches the maximum, respectively increase 18.03% and 28.2%; (2) PP-HBP improve PP/PVC compatibility of blends; (3) when PP-HBP dosage less than 5 units, PP/PVC/ PPHBP apparent viscosity of the blends is larger than PP / PVC blends; when PP-HBP dosage more  than 5 units, PP/PVC/PP-HBP the apparent viscosity of blends is smaller than PP/PVC blends; (4) blends meet the free volume theory of polymer melt flow. With temperature increasing, the apparent viscosity of the blend decreases. Weihai CY Dendrimer Technology Co. Ltd.-Professional Manufacturer for low cost dendritic polymers forwards from “PP / PVC / PP-HBP blends research” Diao JIANZHI BA Xin Wu Ding Haitao Li Chunzai Hebei University, Modern Plastics Processing and Applications 20 2005 No. 17 No. 3; “PP-HBP-modified PP / PVC rheological behavior,” Diao Jian-zhi 1, SONG Xiao 2, Zhang Jianmin 1, Peng Cheng-11: Shijiazhuang Railway Institute, 2: Hebei electric Power Research Institute of Modern plastics Processing and Applications 2006 18 volume No. 2