Effective application of Hyperbranched polymer in plastic (PA and HDPE) processing.

(1) hyperbranched polymer had no significant effect on the HDPE melt temperature and the crystal , crystallization temperature and the crystallinity increased slightly; (2) hyperbranched polymer can improve the HDPE melt flow, HDPE / HBP blends remains pseudoplastic fluid, it can reduce the melt complex viscosity, injection molding experiments show that hyperbranched polymers can significantly reduce the HDPE injection molding processing temperature, thus improving its processing performance and reduce energy consumption; (3) hyperbranched polymer can improve HDPE extrusion melt fracture, improve extrusion surface smoothness; (4) hyperbranched polymer in HDPE can be 150-250nm scale dispersion, though are not up to the molecular level dispersion, but making HDPE tensile strength increased, when dosage is 0.18% , it can be improved by 26.16%. Weihai CY Dendrimer Technology Co. Ltd.-Professional Manufacturer for low cost dendritic polymers forwards from “Research on hyperbranched polymers application in the plastic (PA and HDPE) Processing ” Zhang Xiong, Donghua University, 2007 Master Thesis