Waterborne coatings uses water as the medium, thereby resources is rich, price is cheap, easy to get and non-combustible. Polyurethane waterborne coatings have good water dispersibility, stability, film-forming, adhesion, gloss and solvent resistance performance etc. Adding hyperbranched polymer has the following advantages: (1) low viscosity, some end groups used for curing, shorten the curing time and increase the crosslinking density of the cured film and the film properties; (2) the particle diameter of the water dispersion is about 100nm, and the hyperbranched polyurethane shows good dispersibility and stability in water; (3) The resin has excellent physical and film-forming property , impact resistance achieve maximum 50cm, also choose the right formula varnish according to different drying ways. Professional Manufacturer for low cost dendritic polymers.-Weihai CY Dendrimer Technology Co. Ltd. forwards from “synthesis of hyperbranched polyurethane water dispersion and performance thereof” Wang Li, Tang Jinwei, Tong Shenyi, Wuhan Engineering University, Hubei new reactor and Green Chemical Technology key Laboratory, Wuhan 430074) modern Paint & Finishing, 2007,4 (10),14-16