Dendrimers (CYD-CR111/CYD-CR236/CYD-CR486/CYD-CV11 etc.)have low viscosity and good adhesion, used in light curable acrylic polyurethane coatings formulations, their performance is complementary , thereby making coating performance more excellent. System with dendrimer has high functionality, cured film network has large crosslinking density and the film has high hardness, compared to unmodified polyurethane system, it has better coordination of the hardness and flexibility, therefore have better wear resistance, hardness increased 0.8 times, wear resistance increases 1.7 times. In addition, the dendrimer modified acrylic polyurethane UV coating, can be blended with a variety of active monomer to improve overall performance, while not affect its own flexibility and adhesion. Weihai CY Dendrimer Technology Co. Ltd.-Professional Manufacturer for low cost dendritic polymers.