Dendritic polymers have obvious application advantages and prospect.


In the production of controlled released fertilizer, changing processing methods can obtain controlled release fertilizer of different application way as dendritic polymers have special cavity structures and functional surface groups, the fertilizer has long release time and active ingredient is uniformly released, it’s biodegradable and environment friendly, there’s nitrogen in the degradable product that can be absorbed by the plants. Such as:

Application 1:

It can replace traditonal sealants and used as toughening agents for the ourter resin of the sulfur coated controlled release fertilizer, compared to the traditional sealants, dosage is less but performance is good, it can not only increase the strength but also decrease the coating void, thus realizing effect release, besides, it’s degradable and won’t pollute the earth.

Application 2:

As coating material, it’t won’t need porogen or less dosage is ok, itself is nanopore structure and have long release time, the release effect is uniform, the coaitng has good impact and tensile strength, can be coated uniformly.

Application 3:

Used as carriers for fertilizer. Dendrimers have void space to coat the fertilizer, i.e use dendrimers as additives to mix with fertilizer, coat the fertilizer in the cavity of dendrimers, and then it can be effectively released, which meant to prepare dendritic controlled release fertilizer. Weihai CY Dendrimer Technology Co. Ltd.-Professional Manufacturer for low cost dendritic polymers.