Effective application of dendrimer-based mesoporous catalyst in hydrogenation reaction of unsaturated hydrocarbons.

Nanoparticles are easily oxidized and agglomerating in the application and storage, thus affecting its catalytic activity and selectivity. A lot of catalysts have excellent catalytic performance are often homogeneous catalysts, which brings enormous waste and pollution for catalyst recovery and utilization. To meet the lubricants requiremens of high-quality,energy saving, extending oil change period and low emissions, base oil is required to have a low viscosity, low volatility, high viscosity index, excellent oxidation stability characteristics.Dendrimer-based mesoporous catalyst compared with the prior technology has significant features and progress: a) nanoparticles protected by inorganic-organic shell have stable performance; 2) convenient recycling and non pollution ; 3) can be recycled; 4) controllable reaction rate and selectivity. The result has proved that the dendrimer Pd-Gn-mesoporous catalyst has higher catalytic activity of the hydrogenation, the reaction activity can be controlled by different type of catalyst, and the selectivity of saturated hydrocarbons increased with the generation increases, raised from 79% of 1 generation to 93.4% and 91.4% of 3,4-generation, thus inhibiting the byproduct production of ketone, which has important practical significance on catalytic hydrogenation.In contrast to homogeneous catalyts, catalytic activity has been improved, selectivity is 20% higher than heterogeneous catalysts (75%).Weihai CY Dendrimer Technology Co. Ltd.-Professional Manufacturer for low cost dendritic polymers.