Application of dendritic polymers in WPC.

Sisal fibers are rigid fiber, can enhance the mechanical properties of wood-plastic composites, but because of a large number of hydroxyl groups presented on the surface, it is not conducive to the formation of a good interface compatibility with polypropylene resin. Therefore, it needs to add a certain amount of compatibilizer to improve the interface compatibility between the Sisal fibers and the polymer radicals. So, dendritic polymer dispersants that can improve the sisal fiber (SF) and polypropylene (PP) interface compatibility get the industry’s attention. Dendritic polymer dispersant due to structural characteristics, have good fluidity, thus making wood-plastic composite material has good processing properties, and the synthesis process of dispersants is simple and easy to realize industrial production. When dispersant dosage is 1-5% of sisal fibers total amount, impact strength of sisal polypropylene WPC increased from 14.78kJ/m2 to 23.62kJ/m2, increased by 59.8%. And the material surface is smooth and no bubbles. Weihai CY Dendrimer Technology Co. Ltd.-Professional Manufacturer for low cost dendritic polymers. -The newest 4th class polymers.