Novel dendrimer based dispersant for CWS have great performances.

Coal Water Slurry (CWS) is an ideal substitute for oil, coal fuels, not only maintains the original physical characteristics of coal, but also has the mobility and stability, can be stored, pumped, atomized and stability combustion, which is key to the preparation of high quality CWS. Additives for CWS applied on the market today have defects of shortages of materials and high prices. Combine the advantages of rosin and structural features of dendrimer (CYD-WD013/CYD-WD040/CYD-WD090) to get a new hyperbranched CWS dispersants. Its advantages are as follows:

1)when dispersant dosage was 0.4%, the highest pulp slurry concentration can reach 67%, the apparent viscosity is only 987mPa•s. Hyperbranched dispersant molecule with quasi-spherical structure can increase the steric effect that prevent the coal particles gathered, reduce the force between coal particles, to improve the dispersibility of the coal particles;

2) slurry with hyperbranched dispersant can be easily stirred  with a glass rod after standing for 7 days, and no hard precipitate in the bottom. That shows slurry has good stability obtained from hyperbranched dispersant

3) hydrophobic group of hyperbranched dispersant can be preferably combined with the coal surface, the hydrophilic group towards water, and this way make water molecules adsorbed on the coal surface,thus the coal surface becomes hydrophilic and form one layer membrane hydration, hydration film separates the coal particles, thereby reducing the resistance between coal particles;

4) slurry with hyperbranched dispersant is pseudoplastic fluid, has the flow characteristics of “shear thinning” , in accordance with the mixed fuel needs in practical applications.Weihai CY Dendrimer Technology Co. Ltd.-Professional Manufacturer for low cost dendritic polymers.