Dendrimer(PAMAM) has promising application in the field of papermaking.

PAMAM modification by DSD can be used in the paper industry, the whitening effect has obvious advantages than traditional brightener VBL: (1) Compared with traditional VBL, PAMAM-DSD has better whitening effect on the paper; (2) Compared with traditional VBL, PAMAM-DSD has better stability to light; (3) Optimum addition amount of the paper coating is 0.2% (4) Simple synthesis conditions, synthesis of 0.5 generation PAMAM and DSD has great use value. Weihai CY Dendrimer Technology Co. Ltd forwards fromSynthesis of Dendrimer PAMAM-DSD and applications in the papermaking “.Guanghua Zhang,Yi Shen, Jing Liu, Hongwei Wu, Shan’xi University of Science and Technology, Key Laboratory of Light Chemical Auxiliary Chemistry and Technology of Ministry of Education.