The effective application of dendrimers in the sensor.

Dendrimer is a three-dimensional and highly branched dendrimers, its characteristics are monodisperse, non-immunogenic, lower cytotoxicity, biodegradable and other characteristics, its applications in sensors arouses great concern, dendrimer as a kind of carrier material of the sensor has the following advantages: (1) Dendrimer is a kind of three-dimensional, highly ordered monodispersity macromolecular compounds; (2) A large number of peripheral groups can provide more active sites, thereby improving the sensitivity of the sensor; (3) Dendrimer’s reaction step can be controlled so as to have the precise structure of the highly branched, thus greatly improving the reproducibility of the sensor; (4) Dendrimer having good biological compatibility, can directly have covalent binding with enzymes reagent etc.. In addition, it is possible to change the functional group in its periphery to detect different type of analysis object, thereby expanding the scope of the analysis. Based on dendrimer’s above characteristics, it has been effectively used in biosensors, ion sensors, gas sensors etc.. Weihai CY Dendrimer Technology Co. Ltd forwards from ” Application of dendrimer in the sensor”. Shaozhu Chen, Yuanyuan Yang, Bingxin Li, Jingya Hou, Lan Xu, Key Laboratory of Luminescence and real-time analysis of the Ministry of Education, Southwest University of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering College, Chongqing