Dendritic acrylic polyurethane nanocomposite has good performance in coating application.

Mechanical properties, water resistance, solvent resistance of nanocomposite is not ideal due to small functionality of the preparation material conventional linear acrylic polyurethane. Dendritic polymer was used to prepare high functionality acrylic polyurethane systems, obtained acrylic polyurethane/inorganic nanocomposite with high performance, the adhesion reached 0 class, which was enhanced 4 classes than conventional systems, the hardness improved from 2B to 4H, and flexibility was greatly increased, meanwhile, the dendrimer based coating has double bond.

Dosage of inorganic oxide was 1% -5%, added 1 wt% photoinitiator named Runtecure 1103, mixed 15 min without light, coated on glass, dried at 50 ℃ in vacuo, and irradiated with UV light to obtain films. The new film has following properties: gloss, adhesion, hardness, anti-stoning, flexibility, weather resistance, solvent resistance, chemical resistance. Weihai CY Dendrimer Technology Co., Ltd.-Professional Manufacturer for low cost dendritic polymers. -The newest 4th class polymers.