Effective application of hyperbranched polymers in the dyeing and finishing industry.

Hyperbranched polymer characteristics: (1) the precise molecular structure; (2) a high degree of geometric symmetry; (3) a large number of functional groups; (4) cavity in the molecule; (5) relative molecular mass controllable; (6) nanometer size molecule. These characteristics determine the physical and chemical properties of hyperbranched polymers: (1) excellent rheology; (2) the unique viscosity property; (3) good solubility; (4) low surface tension; (5) glass temperature drops; (6) easy film forming; (7) not crystallization; (8) unique density and density distribution; (9) the unique refractive index increment. Hyperbranched polymers has been widely used in the dyeing and finishing industries due to its characteristics and physical properties. (A) cationic modification of cellulose fibers; (2) inkjet printing ink; (3) dyeing carrier in polypropylene fiber body (4) coating agent; (5) efficient anti-staining agents and leveling agents; (6) dispersion of “microcapsule” dye; (7) carpet scale inhibitor; (8) dyeing wastewater treatment agent; (9) fabric water repellent finish; (10) antimicrobial finishing of cotton.

From ” Development of branched polymer and its application in dyeing and finishing industry” Huang Maofu, dyeing Donghua University (2012 No. 6) 47 ~ 53  Weihai CY Dendrimer Technology Co. Ltd. -Professional Manufacturer for low cost dendritic polymers.