Dendrimer-based composite nanofiltration membrane have great performances.

Dendrimer material is currently the most widely studied, one of the most in-depth dendritic moleculars with unique highly branched, radially symmetrical structure, as well as good hydrodynamic performance and easy forming-film  characteristics, has a very good application prospect in the membrane preparation field.Dendritic polymer material is mainly used for preparing ultrafiltration (UF) in order to improve the separation performance, and preparation of CO2 separation membrane. Compared with ultrafiltration and reverse osmosis, nanofiltration has low operating pressure, flux, for bivalent, multivalent salt ions and small organic molecules with the relative molecular mass of more than 200 and large anionic groups,it has a higher rate of prolapse and low cost of investment,operating and maintenance and other advantages, attracting people’s attention. In recent years,it has been widely applied in nanofiltration water ,decolorization and depth of processing (such as removal of pharmaceuticals, inorganic ions and endocrine disruptors, pharmaceutical active compounds, pesticides, and other organic micro-pollutants, etc.), and various industrial waste water treatment (eg food processing, pharmaceutical and oil industry waste and other fields).Weihai CY Dendrimer Technology Co. Ltd.-Professional Manufacturer for low cost dendritic polymers(CYD-ND129/CYD-ND193/CYD-ND311).