Dendrimer-based intaglio ink has excellent performances.


Common connect ingredients of Gravure inks: soybean oil,  linseed oil-modified alkyd resins, etc.

Conventional problems: a high content of volatile organic solvents, which plays an important role in the ink transfer and delivery, graphic representation, ink curing and  printability.

Improvement Objective: Reduce volatile organic solvent content in gravure inks.

Methods: Use appropriately modified dendrimer as adhesive for intaglio ink.

Improved performance: Reduce the volatile organic solvent in the ink, promote paper and ink fastness, have good storage stability,light color, and moderate curing time. Meet the drying performance, physical and chemical resistance properties and resistance to machine washing, at the same time, can effectively reduce the VOC content, reduced by 50%, and resistance to machine washing performance increased by 33%, drying time reduced by 9%, cleaning time decreased by 40%.Weihai CY Dendrimer Technology Co. Ltd.-Professional Manufacturer for low cost dendritic polymers(CYD-CR111/ CYD-CR236/ CYD-CV111/ CYD-CV236.