Effective application of dendritic polyurethane coating in top coating.


Coating for automobile,ship,airsapce, due to expose in the environment, such as water,high temperature,dust,smoke, moisture, dust, chemical corrosion and acid precipitation,coating surface will be destroyed.

Automobile industry use protective transparent coating in the coating surface to reduce the impact of exposure in the environment.,mostly transparent coating is acrylic resin,such as thermosetting acrylic resins based onpolyacrylic acid / melamine resin,gel coating epoxy resin or single or double component polyurethane coating in liquid or powder form.

Disadvantages of traditional coating:

Easily scratching, chipping or damaged due to cleaning and maintenance, easily being effected by weathering, environmental conditions, production and distribution process.

Improved performance:

(1)long-term weather resistance(2) self-cleaning and easy removal of dust(3) high scratch resistance (up to 6H pencil hardness)(4) high chemical resistance (more than 1500 times friction of methyl ketone B on surface without damage (5) hydrophobic (close to or more than 90 degrees to 100 degrees of the water contact angle (6) high gloss (92.2)(7) excellent gloss retention(8) long-term UV-protection performance (9) the sag resistance (presence of nanoparticles)(10) higher scratch resistance compared to the Ceramiclear (PPG, Pittsburgh, PA).Weihai CY Dendrimer Technology Co. Ltd.-Professional Manufacturer for low cost dendritic polymers(CYD-CR111/CYD-CR236/CYD-CR486/CYD-CV11)