The effective application of dendrimers in the biomedical field.
Dendrimers modified contrast agent has a certain degree of biological activity, and its strength of folate receptors is improved, enhanced the expression intensity of magnetic resonance imaging, faster and more accurate detection of various types of cancer include: ovary, uterus endometrial cancer and breast cancer. Besides, dendritic porphyrin has bionic features, such as the reversible binding of oxygen (bionic hemoglobin). Due to good solubility in water of dendrimer, it can transport in the body to improve the content of oxygen in the body, could benefit critically ill patient. Weihai CY Dendrimer Technology Co., Ltd forwards from “Applications of dendrimers, in Bio-Organic Chemistry “. Yoonkyung Kim and Steven C Zimmerman University of Illinois Current Opinion in Chemical Biology 1998, 2:733-742